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MCRA Surveys

Below are the land surveys where available. Please click on the icon to open the document. *Note: Time to download documents will vary depending on your internet connection speed.

1001 Park Drive Survey


911 N. State Rd 7 Survey


1000 N. State Rd 7 Survey

Swap Shop Boundary Survey    

5700 Margate Blvd Survey

Parcel V Block 10 Survey    

5700-B Margate Blvd Survey

Parcel Y Block 7 Survey    

5817 Margate Blvd Survey

Boundary Survey    

5701 Margate Blvd Survey

& Vacant Lot Survey
& 1291 N State Road 7 Survey

5701 Margate Blvd  Survey5701 Vacant Lot Survey
Boundary Survey

5750 Margate Blvd Survey

Survey Not Available