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Transit Oriented Corridor

Transit Oriented Corridor (TOC) Amendment

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The Future Land Use Map of the city has been amended by adding a new land use category called the “Transit Oriented Corridor” (TOC). This was the first step in the implementation of the community vision plan that was created as part of the State Road 7 Master Plan Charrette series conducted in October 2003.

The area named the TOC consists of 1184.3 acres of land generally located between Sample Road to the north and Forest Boulevard to the south along the State Road 7 corridor. The area is largely designated as Commercial by both the County and City Land Use Plan. It’s important to note that all areas designated as “Open Space” or “Parks” will remain as such.

The majority of the amendment area is located within the Margate Community Redevelopment Area. The purpose of the TOC land use designation is to facilitate the redevelopment plan that was developed through the community visioning process sponsored by the MCRA. This visioning process included a workshop where input was taken from residents on what they envisioned for the City’s progress.

The overall intent of the corridor is to provide for increased economic development through a mix of office, retail, residential, hotel and industrial uses. The City is encouraging mixed-use development and redevelopment for properties along the corridor to strengthen the City’s non-residential tax base for the future and to provide additional development opportunities for property owners.

Within the TOC land use category, Office, Industrial and Residential are the principal uses within the designated land. The location of residential uses shall be incorporated into a mixed-use project or mixed-use building with location of residential uses consistent with those identified within the State Road 7 Master Plan.

It should be noted that the subject area is currently developed and the new development will occur only when existing sites are redeveloped. Nothing in this land use amendment will impair or diminish the rights of existing landowners or their successors to continue the use and enjoyment of their properties consistent with the current land use existing at the time of adoption of the amendment.

The implementation of the TOC ensures coordination with the redevelopment plans of the MCRA.

TOC Area Map