Bringing Vision to Reality

ULI - Technical Advisory Panel

The City of Margate CRA convened the TAP for advice on how, in the current down real estate market, to move forward with its plans to change the face of the city by creating a city center where none exists today. The TAP’s recommendations were based on a review of the substantial work already accomplished by the CRA, through its contracts with the South Florida Regional Planning Council (SFRPC) and others, to create plans for the Margate City Center. The city’s goal is to convert a site currently occupied by three out-ofdate, single-story strip shopping centers to a lively mixed-use, pedestrian-oriented City Center that will include commercial, civic, residential, and open space uses and provide a destination for residents and visitors of all age. Other City Center goals are to create a positive city identity, capture more of the regional retail market, and expand the employment and tax base.

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